Whether you’re a robotics fanatic like me or just a casual browser, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down, have a look around my site, and let me show you my world of robotics!

My Projects

Rescue Maze Competition in Sydney, Australia

In the maze challenge of the international Robocup Junior competition, contestants must design robots to traverse a maze and deploy rescue kits to victims as efficiently as possible.


Algorithms are one of my favorite aspects of computer science, and I program them both for individual projects and the USA Computing Olympiad. Check out some of my favorite algorithms!

Detecting Weapons in TSA Airport Scans

Airport security is crucial, and much of our security technology is not yet foolproof. See how we compared various machine learning algorithms for optimal threat detection.

Programming Space Satellites Aboard the ISS

In the Zero Robotics competition, competitors run simulations on small satellites aboard the International Space Station (ISS) called SPHERES. The SPHERES must complete space-related tasks like asteroid avoidance and satellite connection.

Simulated Robotics for Robocup Junior and Erebus

With the Robocup Junior maze competition moving toward a simulation platform, I joined the development team for the Robocup Junior international committee. We programmed, tested, and held international webinars to debut the competition.

Defending Against Attacks on Object Detectors

Adversarial attacks are dangerous patterns that are specifically generated to trick object detectors used in autonomous vehicles, security cameras, and more. See how we tested the real world effects of adversarial attacks and proposed our own defenses to these attacks.

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